10 Reasons Why You and Your Pup Need Dog Training

10 Reasons Why You and Your Pup Need Dog Training

Knowing how to communicate with your dog can stop bad behavior and encourage good manners. Here are reasons why behavior training is important:

  1. Early reward-based training sets you and your dog up for success by teaching you how to redirect inappropriate actions and reward good behaviors.

  2. Early training encourages your dog to continue to learn from you.

  3. Training builds a positive bond between you and your dog and can strengthen your relationship for a lifetime of trust.

  4. Training makes your dog more confident, which is very helpful for shy or timid pups.

  5. Training provides solutions for your dog’s inappropriate behaviors, such as, nipping, jumping up, inappropriate potty habits, bolting out the front door and many more.

  6. Dogs need both physical and mental stimulation. Training keeps them from getting bored and mischievous.

  7. Training is rewarding and fulfilling, especially when your dog finally masters targeted cues.

  8. Training allows you to take your dog with you more often. Being responsive to your cues in many different environments and walking nicely on leash are just a few benefits of training.

  9. Training is worth showing off. Nothing is more impressive than a well-trained dog who is having fun showing off their skills!

  10. Training helps keep dogs in forever homes. Pet parents who do not train their dogs are more likely to surrender them to shelters because of behavior problems.

Our Accredited Pet Trainers are well versed in canine communication and will make your experience fun, effective and rewarding.

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